Hướng dẫn cách ẩn giấu nội dung trong Excel mà không làm mất giá trị

We do not always want to display all the content on Excel. There are times when we need to hide, hide some content to avoid being edited, deleted or not seen by others. So how to hide and hide content without losing value? How many ways to hide columns in Excel? Let’s learn this content together Learn Excel Online Please.

Hide sheet containing conditions

You just need to focus the conditions on one sheet, then hide that sheet to prevent others from arbitrarily editing and deleting these contents. Examples are as follows:

In a workbook, there are many sheets, each sheet has its own content. But all the content such as conditions, such as draft data, auxiliary … created in a different data area separate from the main data will be placed in the DK sheet. When we hide the DK sheet, the contents are still active without being seen.

Hide rows, hide columns containing extra data

The extra data columns, the conditions of the Advanced Filter that are usually done directly in the original data table will be placed in separate row and column positions, which can be hidden when not in use. Examples are as follows:

In the above detailed report, we see that the condition area in column G:J is used to use the advanced Filter. And this condition area after being set will be hidden.

Make the data in the cell “invisible”

Invisibility is the fact that the data still exists in the cell, not hidden, but changed in the format so that it is not visible to the naked eye.

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The first way: format the font color to match the background color

In the above example, we see in cell A2:

  • The content is Learn Excel Online
  • Colored text is white (same color as background color)

However, the result in cell A2 if viewed with the naked eye will see no content. You have to look at the Formula Bar to see the value of cell A2.

Second way: format in Custome format

In this way, we see that the data in cell A2 is still not displayed even though the text color is black. That’s because in cell A2 we have formatted:

  • Custom format
  • Type: enter 3 consecutive semicolons (;)

When formatting 3 consecutive semicolons, Excel will not display any content. In essence, the data still exists in the cell, it’s just that the formatting prevents the data from being displayed so that we can see it directly. If you look at the Formula Bar, you will see the content in that cell. So we already know a lot more ways to hide and hide data depending on the purpose of working. Good luck applying this knowledge to your work. See more:

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